Say No to Union Busters!

union busters

Here's what you can do to stand strong against the union busters when they come knocking!

1. Display the signs.

Download and print these signs to proudly display on your front door.

Send a message to any would-be union buster: "Anti-union solicitors aren’t welcome here. I’m sticking with our union!"

no anti-union solicitors not anti-union solicitors

Click image for larger PNG version.

2. Read and share the FAQ.

Download and share this handy guide for members (PDF) who have questions about why people are knocking on their doors and what they can do to support the union.

3. Share our videos

Go to our videos page and start regularly sharing these on social media to let your fellow union members know what's going on.

4. If you see something, say something.

Report any union busters who knock on your door to our Member Relations Teams at

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We know our union is stronger than ever, which is what drives our opponents crazy. This is the campaign that never ends, but it is one that is making us stronger every day.

NYSUT is proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with you as we fight to defend our voice, our values, our union.