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Tell your Facebook friends: "I fought back against anti-union forces."

You can use the overlay on your current profile picture or use the Facebook camera on your phone to take a new photo.

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i'm sticking with our union
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Download the logos.

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Download and print the selfie poster and customize with your own personal message about why you're "sticking with our union."

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Spread the word.

Use these sample posts/tweets to share our action page... or personalize them and make them your own!

  • Facebook Sharing

    Facebook Sharing

    Click these links to share the action center pages. You can cut-and-paste the provided text to use for your status.

    Share the Action Page on Facebook. Sample Text: I’m sticking with our union. Join me. Visit for tools to help you spread the word. #ImStickingWithOurUnion #NYSUT

  • Twitter Sharing

    Twitter Sharing


    Share Via Twitter: "I’m sticking with our union. Join me. Visit for tools to help you spread the word. #ImStickingWithOurUnion #NYSUT"

    Share Via Twitter: "Our union gives us the ability to collectively negotiate for fair pay, health care and better working conditions. Visit for tools to defend our union and preserve our voice! #ImStickingWithOurUnion #NYSUT"

    Share Via Twitter: "I’m using NYSUT’s online toolkit to help spread the word about how #ImStickingWithOurUnion. Join me! Visit #NYSUT"


    Share Via Twitter: "Don’t let them take away our voice. Download the poster and tell ‘em why you’re sticking with the union. #ImStickingWithOurUnion #NYSUT"


    Share Via Twitter: Wouldn't your Facebook profile picture look even better with an #ImStickingWithOurUnion frame? Try it:

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