What's at Stake

what's at stake

What's at stake?

Your well-earned pension after decades working in a school.

Your protections in the classroom.

Your right to safe and fair working conditions.

All of these and more are at risk if anti-labor groups and their right-wing billionaire funding sources get their way. They started with the Janus decision, and now they are continuing their assault on the working class and the unions that protect them.

These groups use lies and deceit to urge workers to stop contributing to their unions. These dues help cover the costs for the negotiated protections they, and their co-workers, receive.

It isn’t hard to see what their goal is: the dismantling of American unions. This relentless attack on organized labor is only about the rich getting richer at the expense of the working class. Nothing more.

What they want to take from you:

  • The right to collectively bargain for a living wage
  • Health coverage for you and your family
  • Your right to a dignified and secure retirement
  • A voice on the job to ensure safe conditions and prevent the abuse and exploitation of workers
  • A respectable standard of living for all working families

Don’t be fooled. Don’t give in. We must remain united.

Throughout history, America’s labor movement has shown time and again that when we band together and fight for what’s right we can defeat injustice. We continue that fight today.

We will fight this. And we will win. Together.