The Post-Union Hellscape: Wisconsin

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So, you think Janus v. AFSCME was simply about the ability of unions to charge a fee to cover collective bargaining costs?

Think again.

Wisconsin is the case study of what could happen in New York post-Janus if we do not stay united.

Brought by anti-labor forces and funded by the wealthy elite, Janus simply marked the first punch in what has become an unrelenting all-out assault on public sector unions and the organized labor movement.

Consider Wisconsin — a state with a strong union movement and rich pro-labor history.

Once Gov. Scott Walker unleashed his attack on public employees — limiting their collective bargaining power — unionized educators watched as their pay plummeted, retirement security diminished, health-insurance premiums soared, seniority and due-process protections vanished, and turnover skyrocketed.

wisconsin fact sheet

THE FACT IS: If we do not value what we have and protect it by remaining united in wake of the Janus ruling, we will lose so much more than we will save.

Rise up, unite, stand strong and protect our voice, our values, our union.

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wisconsin fact sheet