Exploring the depth, dimension and humanity of our members: It's What You Do.

New York State United Teachers is one of the largest, most influential labor unions in the nation. And that’s too often the only way it’s perceived by the public. But what NYSUT really is, is 600,000-plus individuals who – every day – practice their professions at the highest level of proficiency and commitment. Their work, in education, health care and other public service, improves the lives of children and families; it strengthens our communities.

It's What We Do is a place for these dedicated professionals to share with the public their stories – in words, pictures, videos and blogs – so that there’s a deeper understanding of how what happens in classrooms, on college campuses, in hospitals and on other worksites enhances the quality of life in New York state.

On the job and in the community, NYSUT members make a difference. It’s what we do.