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Teacher Education Programs in New York State

Professional Learning: NYSUT Education & Learning Trust

If you’re looking to earn your master’s degree or broaden your certification area, check out NYSUT’s Education & Learning Trust (ELT), which offers both online and site-based courses around the state. ELT offers low-cost, high quality courses for undergraduate, graduate and in-service credit to help participants meet certification requirements; obtain new certificate titles and extensions; and often earn a boost in their annual salaries. In most cases, members taking advantage of the discount on ELT courses save more than the NYSUT portion of their dues.

Approved Teacher Preparation

The New York State Education Department is a great place to start. It offers a searchable database of approved teacher preparation programs.

New York Teaching Jobs

Curious to see what’s out there?

New York State Education Department

In addition to managing the teacher certification and licensing process, the New York State Education Department provides information about education areas, state standards and curricula, and statewide assessment tests. Its mission is to raise the knowledge, skill, and opportunity of everyone in New York.

Additionally, EngageNY provides a wealth of resources, including curriculum material for pre-K-12 teachers in the areas of mathematics and language arts. The website also hosts a professional development library to help teachers advance throughout their careers. All users can access these resources for free. 

Loan Forgiveness for New York Teachers

By working in low-income schools, or in high-need educational areas, teachers can often qualify for loan forgiveness programs.

To find schools that meet these requirements, search the Teacher Cancellation Low Income Directory.

  • Teacher Loan Forgiveness Program. Offered through the Federal Student Aid Office, the program provides up to $17,500 in loan forgiveness for qualified educators who teach for five consecutive years in a low-income school or a qualifying educational agency.
  • Perkins Loan Teacher Cancellation Program. Discharges up to 100 percent of federal Perkins loans for teachers who work in low-income schools, special education teachers, and teachers working in a field with a shortage of qualified educators.
  • Teach NYC Loan Forgiveness Program. This loan forgiveness program is for newly hired New York City public school teachers in high-need disciplines, such as bilingual special education or educators working with pupils who have speech, language, or visual disabilities.
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