For Your Future

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NYSUT is committed to offering, and continually expanding, high-quality professional learning opportunities throughout your career. With workshops, training, research and grants, NYSUT provides you with valuable resources to help you become a confident professional on the job.

Education & Learning Trust

NYSUT's ELT offers a variety of courses for graduate or in-service credit, such as classroom techniques, bullying prevention and conflict resolution. Contact ELT at 800-528-6208 or find out more at The statewide network of teacher centers also provides professional growth opportunities and services.

Cutting through the red tape

NYSUT helps you work your way through the bureaucracy, whether it's assisting with a certification problem or helping you meet new requirements for your job. Pension experts offer workshops and help members address retirement system concerns.

Specialized training

Whether you're seeking National Board Certification, looking for ways to improve your annual evaluation or need to learn more about on-the-job safety and health issues, NYSUT offers top-rate workshops and guidance.

union value

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