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Resources for delegates are available at: nysut.org/raleader. Login required.

The union’s annual policymaking convention will be held May 14 as a limited, special online event.

The program begins at 5 p.m. and will last approximately 45 minutes.

Delegates and alternates have been emailed information and instructions on accessing the live stream.

The virtual RA, open to all reported delegates, will feature an agenda limited to just three items:

  1. A report of the Credentials Committee;
  2. A report by President Pallotta outlining the union’s path forward and presenting the procedures for mail-ballot elections; and
  3. A candidate forum to allow those candidates who have previously requested such participation, in accordance with the 2020 Election Procedures, to speak to delegates.

All other matters before the RA, including resolutions, adoption of the legislative program, and the endorsement of a candidate for the state Teachers’ Retirement System board will be referred to the NYSUT Board for consideration at future meetings.

RA elections for NYSUT officers, members of the Board, and state delegates and alternate state delegates to the American Federation of Teachers will be conducted according to procedures adopted by the NYSUT Board and outlined in the "Addendum to Campaign Elections & Procedures".

Social distancing guidance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control has prompted the cancellation or postponement of mass gatherings scheduled throughout the summer months. The Board also voted to cancel or postpone all in-person NYSUT meetings and conferences through Sept. 1, including Leadership Institute, LAP, the NYSUT Endorsement Conference, the New Local Presidents Conference and regional leadership conferences. The union is investigating hosting some events virtually.

For more information, visit nysut.org/ra.

What is the RA?

Members make their voices heard by electing local delegates who represent them at NYSUT's annual convention, the Representative Assembly.

The RA is the union's highest policy-making body, except for a membership referendum. All NYSUT members are welcome to attend the annual Representative Assembly, but only duly elected and reported delegates may debate and vote on proposed amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws, proposed resolutions and other business that might be brought before the Representative Assembly according to NYSUT Constitution and Bylaws provisions or policy.

Stay Connected

Further information on the NYSUT RA will be sent to delegates in future mailings and posted at the leader site. Log on frequently to keep current with respect to critical issues impacting the RA and other matters of importance.

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