RA 2020: Deadlines

What's due when? A handy checklist for RA 2020.

 Item Deadline

Local and Retiree Council Presidents Conference

  • Have you registered for the Local & Retiree Council Presidents Conference? (Visit the Local Presidents area of MyNYSUT. Login and president-level access required.)

    Registering for this conference does not include reporting your delegates to the NYSUT RA.
March 11
Representative Assembly  
  • Are you submitting an award nomination? (See the Forms listing.)
Dec. 12, 2019
  • Is your local eligible to form a Council of  Locals? (Note: Locals with 125 members or fewer are eligible. See 'Procedure for Forming a Council of Locals on the delegates page. Login required.)
Jan. 6
  • Is your local submitting a resolution? (Available on the delegates page. Login required.)
Feb. 18
  • Are you submitting an amendment to the NYSUT Constitution and Bylaws? (See the Forms listing.)
Feb. 21
  • Did you make housing and travel arrangements for yourself and your delegates? (See the Housing & Travel page.)
Mar. 11

Reminder: Housing blocks fill quickly

  • Has your local elected its delegates and alternates for the NYSUT RA? (Election procedures info available on the delegates page. Login required.)

Must be completed prior to submitting ECR

  • Did you submit your properly signed Election Certification Report with the Landrum-Griffin Checklist either online or by certified or other receipt-rendering mail service?
    NOTE: Submitting the ECR does not register your president for the Local & Retiree Council Presidents Conference. (See the online ECR form. Login and president-level access  required.)
Mar. 11
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