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NYSUT: 2023 Medicare Minute Schedule

Hosted by the Medicare Rights Center

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Each month’s Medicare Minute will help you learn more about your benefits and make the most of your Medicare coverage.

NYSUT members can find reliable Medicare information on Medicare Interactive. Visit www.medicareinteractive.org/teachers for Medicare answers.

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February: Wednesday 2/1, 3-3:30pm
What’s New in 2023?
The new year is here! And with a new year comes changes to your Medicare costs and coverage. During this Medicare Minute, you’ll learn about new updates to Medicare and understand what to expect for the coming year.

February: Wednesday 2/15, 3-3:30pm
Medicare Enrollment Periods
You can only enroll in Medicare during certain times of the year. 2023 has brought many changes to Medicare, including to these enrollment periods. Join this month’s Medicare Minute to learn about the changes to your Medicare enrollment periods.

March: Wednesday 3/15, 3-3:30pm
Medicare and Home Health Care
There may be times when you are unable to leave the home to get medical care, and Medicare’s home health care benefit may be able to help. In this Medicare Minute, we’ll discuss times when Medicare covers home health care and what services are covered.

April: Wednesday 4/19, 3-3:30pm
Speaking with Your Doctor
Doctors' appointments can sometimes be quick and confusing, leaving you with more questions than answers. Join us for this Medicare Minute to learn strategies for making the most of your medical appointments and becoming a stronger advocate for yourself.

May: Wednesday 5/17, 3-3:30pm
Medicare and Mental Health Care
Taking care of your mental health is just as important as taking care of your physical health. This Mental Health Awareness Month, our Medicare Minute focuses on Medicare’s coverage of mental health services.

June: Wednesday, 6/14, 3-3:30pm
How to Afford Prescription Drug Costs
The stress of affording your medication is a familiar feeling for too many people. In this Medicare Minute, we’ll review ways to make your prescription drugs more affordable—including cost assistance programs, helpful strategies to discuss with your doctor, and legislation that should lower everyone’s drug costs in the near future.

July: Wednesday, 7/19, 3-3:30pm
Medicare and Transportation Services
Sometimes the toughest part of getting health care is not a procedure or the recovery time, but just getting to a doctor or hospital. From emergency ambulances to scheduled rides, this Medicare Minute reviews transportation options for your health care.

August: Wednesday 8/16, 3-3:30pm
Are your out-of-pocket costs adding up every time you go to the doctor? You may want to learn about Medigaps—the supplemental insurance policies that work with Original Medicare. During this Medicare Minute, you will learn the basics of Medigaps, how they compare to other coverage options, and when you can purchase one.

September: Wednesday 9/20, 3-3:30pm
Fall Open Enrollment Period
Fall Open Enrollment is the time of year when you can change your Medicare coverage, but knowing where to start can be tough. During this Medicare Minute, you’ll learn about the types of changes you can make and strategies to choose the coverage that best fits your needs for 2024.

October: Wednesday 10/18, 3-3:30pm
Protecting Yourself from Marketing Violations
Unlike Original Medicare, Medicare Advantage Plans and Part D plans are sold by private companies. These companies must follow federally set marketing rules when trying to sell their plans to you. Join us for this Medicare Minute to learn about marketing rules, what violations look like, and how you can protect yourself from them.

November: Wednesday 11/15, 3-3:30pm
Choosing Doctors and Facilities
Whether you have Original Medicare or a Medicare Advantage Plan, you must choose your primary care provider, your specialists, and your health care facilities. With so many options, deciding where to go can feel daunting. In this Medicare Minute we’ll discuss some of the considerations to keep in mind when making these important health care choices.

December: Wednesday 12/20, 3-3:30pm
Part D Appeals
Your prescription drugs are vital for your health and wellbeing, so what do you do when your Part D plan says it won’t cover your medication? In many cases, you should file an appeal to ask your plan to cover your drug. Join us for this Medicare Minute to feel more prepared and confident in appealing denials from your Part D plan.

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NYSUT members can find reliable Medicare information on Medicare Interactive. Visit www.medicareinteractive.org/teachers for Medicare answers.

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