Diversifying New York State’s Teacher Workforce

take a look at teaching

Numbers tell the story.

Although students of color and other underrepresented groups make up 53 percent of New York State’s population, teachers of underrepresented groups comprise less than 25 percent of our educator workforce.

  • In New York State, 43 percent of students are Hispanic/Latino or African American, compared to 16 percent of the teacher population.

Studies show that teachers of color enhance the learning experiences of all students:

  • They are more likely to see a black or brown student’s potential and recommend him or her for advanced classwork;
  • Have higher expectations for their students of color; and
  • Act as relatable role models and mentors

Every school needs a plan of action for improving diversity. NYSUT’s Take A Look at Teaching initiative is committed to finding solutions to this ongoing issue — raising awareness about the need for a more diverse workforce and advocating for additional state funding to expand loan forgiveness and support programs.

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