TOP TEN: What makes TED unique?

nysut innovation initiative workshop

1. TED, which stands for Teacher Evaluation and Development, establishes teachers as participants in, not recipients of, their own evaluations through a comprehensive, integrated system dedicated to advancing student learning and teacher professional growth.

2. TED was developed by practitioners - classroom teachers, principals and superintendents from schools across New York state.

3. As the product of labor-management collaboration, TED is both rigorous and practical, designed to be customized to meet local needs.

4. TED is based on and continues to be informed by national experts and research on best practice in evaluations and student learning.

5. TED is field-tested and fully aligned with New York State Teaching Standards and the NYSUT Teacher Practice Rubric - one of the rubrics authorized for use statewide by the State Education Department.

6. TED is designed to work with the online data management system, MyLearningPlan OASYS.

7. TED is fully supported by comprehensive and high quality training for evaluators and teachers.

8. TED uniquely acknowledges the importance of addressing the conditions of teaching and learning to advance student growth.

9. Funded by competitive innovation grants from the U.S. Department of Education and the American Federation of Teachers, TED's effectiveness is being continually evaluated by the nationally renowned American Institutes of Research.

10. A robust website marshals resources, materials, training registration and up-to-the minute information in support of TED.