TED: Teacher Evaluation and Development

ted: teacher evaluation and development

Every child deserves an effective teacher. And every teacher, when evaluated for effectiveness, deserves an objective process that integrates evaluations into ongoing professional growth. Those premises are fundamental to TED, a system of Teacher Evaluation and Development, which was created by six labor/management Innovation Teams across New York State to integrate evaluations in a continuum that advances teacher practice and student learning. READ MORE.

  • Innovation Brief: Teacher Leader Programs

    NEW! This Innovation Brief describes essential components from successful leadership initiatives that labor/management teams should consider to ensure a strong and effective teacher leadership system.

  • Reaching Every Student

    Reaching Every Student addresses general education teachers' call to contextualize their work with English language learners  and students with disabilities throughout the teacher evaluation process.
  • Summative Evaluation

    NEW! The Summative Evaluation ties together evidence of teacher professional practice with evidence of student growth in the composite score which determines the teacher effectiveness rating.
  • The TED Toolkit

    Looking to implement the TED system in your school district? Download our comprehensive guide and supplementary materials.

  • The Rubric

    NYSUT's Teacher Practice Rubric reveals the state's broad standards in specific and focused terms. Approved by NYSED for use statewide by districts working to implement Annual Professional Performance Reviews.

  • DeTECS: The Scoring Tool

    DeTECS is a new, free TED composite scoring tool for collecting and displaying evidence scores from multiple sources, for teachers and evaluators using the NYSUT Teacher Practice Rubric.

  • Got Training?

    Using the NYSUT Teacher Practice Rubric? Need training? ELT can help.

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