Certification in New York State

In New York State, classroom teachers, teaching assistants and some other school support staff are required to hold a valid state certificate. The State Education Department issues certificates in four major categories: classroom teaching titles, administrative and supervisory titles, pupil personnel service titles (i.e. school counselor, psychologist, social worker), and teaching assistant titles.

This site provides general information about certification in NY, responses to the most frequently asked questions that NYSUT receives, and links to available resources on becoming certified in New York State.

  • Classroom Teachers

    Teaching certificates are tiered with a specific type for the first certificate and a different kind for the teacher who accumulates more experience and education. Beginning teachers generally start out with an initial teaching certificate and then progress to the professional certificate. Learn more.
  • Teacher Assistants and Other School Personnel

    Understand the requirements for a teaching assistant certificate, how to progress from Level I to Levels II and III, and CTLE requirements to maintain a Level III TA certificate. Learn more.
  • Retired Teachers

    It may be important for some retirees to maintain their certification. Here's a quick FAQ that will help you determine requirements. Learn more.
  • Professional Development and CTLE

    Many of NYSUT's Education and Learning Trust (ELT) courses have been approved by the State Education Department to fulfill specific certification requirements. Learn more and register.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Every member has unique certification issues, but most of them can be answered in our FAQs section. Learn more.

  • Have a Question?

    Our certification experts are ready to answer your questions. Use the online form and we'll get back to you with the help you need. Contact us.
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