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  • Classroom Teachers

    Teaching certificates are tiered with a specific type for the first certificate and a different kind for the teacher who accumulates more experience and education. Beginning teachers generally start out with an initial teaching certificate and then progress to the professional certificate. Learn more.
  • Teacher Assistants and Other School Personnel

    Understand the requirements for a teaching assistant certificate, how to progress from Level I to Levels II and III, and CTLE requirements to maintain a Level III TA certificate. Learn more.
  • Retired Teachers

    It may be important for some retirees to maintain their certification. Here's a quick FAQ that will help you determine requirements. Learn more.
  • Professional Development and CTLE

    Many of NYSUT's Education and Learning Trust (ELT) courses have been approved by the State Education Department to fulfill specific certification requirements. Learn more and register.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Every member has unique certification issues, but most of them can be answered in our FAQs section. Learn more.

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