Call for Article Proposals for Educator’s Voice, Vol. XV

Educator's Voice XV

  • UPDATE: The deadline for proposal submissions has been extended to March 1.

Sustaining Democracy through Civics Education

Understanding the rights and the duties of American citizens is integral to living in a participatory democracy. Civic participation has been decreasing in the United States and trust in the government has also declined. Yet civic education, now more than ever, is vital to sustaining the democratic structures that are inherently part of this nation’s fabric and that set this country apart from many others. We call for article proposals that document successful practices in civics education from educators across disciplines and grade levels including higher education, in P–20 school partnerships, in BOCES or in districtwide initiatives.

Deadlines for Volume XV:

Feb. 1, 2022 March 1, 2022

Proposal submission deadline

March 29, 2022

NYSUT responds to proposal

June 10, 2022

Completed article submission

Fall 2022


Examples of submission areas include (but are not limited to):

  • Essential components of civics education
  • NYS Seal of Civic Readiness/Civic Capstone projects
  • Democracy and systemic equity
  • Civic learning /discourse/engagement
  • The civil rights movement
  • Civics education for the elementary classroom
  • The three branches of US Government
  • Understanding the US Constitution/Bill of Rights
  • Voting rights
  • Understanding the electoral college
  • Challenges for civics education in the 21st century
  • Integrating civics through the arts and sciences
  • The role of labor in a democratic society

Proposal Guidelines

Please tell us about your proposal by referencing each of the following nine elements (approximately 2–5 pages) and submit to NYSUT by Feb. 1, 2022.

Please include the element titles.

Be sure to complete the author submission form and send it in with your proposal.

1) Title: What is the working title for your article?

2) Topic: What do you plan to write about? What practice or program will your article focus on? (Please provide specifics about school(s), grade levels, etc.)

3) Relevance: How is this practice relevant to the theme of this year’s volume on Sustaining Democracy through Civics Education? Why is this topic important to you?

4) Setting: Describe your setting and the student population(s) involved in the practice or programs.

5) Practice: Describe the practice or program and your method or approach.

6) Outcomes: What are the intended outcomes or indicators of success and how do you plan to measure or observe them?

7) Research Base: Describe the academic research base that supports your practice. (Please provide specific examples/citations.)

8) Diversity: How does your practice address the needs of diverse populations?

9) Collaboration: Explain how your practice involves collaboration with parents or other members of the school community.




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