Within hours of the landmark U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Janus vs. AFSCME — a case bankrolled by the wealthy anti-labor forces looking to get richer on the backs of the middle class — out-of-state groups like the Michigan-based Mackinac Center for Public Policy flooded public-school teachers nationwide with emails advising them how to leave their unions. But our members are standing strong!

Here are 10 things you can do right now to spread the word and stand strong by telling everyone: "I'm sticking with our union!"

  • Say NO to Union Busters!

    Be ready when the union busters come to your door. Hang our sign to say NO to union busting and YES to our union!

  • Share It

    Messages and memes to share on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

  • See It

    Watch and share these videos in the 'Our Voice' series to learn why your colleagues are "sticking with our union."

  • Mark It

    If you received a funny email from Betsy DeVos' anti-union friends at the Mackinac Center - MARK it as SPAM. Then watch and share the video to spread the word about sticking with our union!
  • Wear It!

    From T-shirts to car magnets to buttons to lawn signs, the online store makes it even easier for you tell everyone: "I'm Sticking With Our Union."
  • Show It

    Download and print the poster to tell everyone: "I'm Sticking with Our Union."

  • Frame It!

    Wouldn't your Facebook profile picture look even better with our new "Im Sticking With Our Union" frame? Try it!
  • Say It

    Download talking points, fact sheets and other materials you can use to raise awareness with your colleagues and in your community.

  • Tell It

    We're collecting inspirational union stories and "Aha!" moments. Help to inspire others by sharing YOUR union story.
  • Sign Up

    Use your Member ID to create an account at It’s the easiest way to stay connected to our statewide union via email and other channels.

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