Why Teach?

take a look at teaching

Why teach? If you enjoy working with students and being a leader, and you’re ready to inspire and make a difference, teaching might be a great fit for you.

You’d be joining an elite group.

New York state’s education system ranks 9th overall nationally for quality, according to Education Week’s 2018 Quality Counts rating. New York state’s rigorous standards and credentialing requirements will ensure that if you choose to enter the teaching profession, you’ll be well prepared to help students reach their classroom potential.

Benefits and balance.

With average salaries ranging from $72,939 for primary teachers, and $79,720 for secondary teachers; retirement pensions through the New York State Teachers Retirement System or the New York City Teachers’ Retirement System; and an academic work calendar, teaching allows you to provide for your family and achieve a positive work-life balance.

You're needed now more than ever.

State officials predict that a major teacher shortage is on the horizon, New York will need more than 180,000 new teachers in the next decade. The shortage is already hitting selected subject specialties and geographic areas.

The resources here on our Take a Look at Teaching page can help set you on a path to join the distinguished ranks of New York state educators!

** Teacher salaries provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ May 2015 Occupational Employment Statistics External link  report. **

take a look at teaching

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