The Looming Teacher Shortage in New York State

As state officials estimate New York will need more than 180,000 new teachers in the next decade, the teacher shortage is already hitting selected subject specialties and geographic areas.

Big city and rural districts are reporting severe shortages in many subject areas. Districts with high child poverty rates and racially diverse students are much more likely to face challenges in recruiting and retaining qualified teachers.

Like many states, New York reports persistent shortages in teachers for special education, bilingual education, English as a Second Language, science, mathematics, English Language Arts, social studies, world languages, career and technical education, health education, literacy and library science.

Because of this, teacher recruitment is more important than ever.

By the Numbers

Here are some brief facts about the teacher shortage that need to be addressed systemically:

  • Enrollment in New York State’s teacher education programs has declined by 53 percent since 2009.
  • NYS Teacher Retirement System projects that 1/3 of New York teachers could retire in the next five years.
  • U.S. Department of Education has identified 18 teacher shortage areas throughout New York State. A decade ago there were only two.

teacher shortage chart

teacher shortage chart

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