Resources for Educators: Addressing the New York State Instructional Shifts

Lesson plans and classroom videos

NYSUT is a steadfast advocate for high-quality teaching in every classroom and a staunch believer that good teaching becomes better teaching over time with appropriate support in school cultures that recognize the complexities of teaching practice.  Supported by a NEA Great Public Schools grant, NYSUT has developed this resource to support educators as they implement the state learning standards.

The NYS Learning Standards emphasize certain instructional shifts in teaching practice.  A more accurate phrase than shifts might be Instructional Emphases, since many NYSUT members have been implementing one or more of these practices routinely as part of their teaching repertoires.   These resources are intended to help strengthen teacher knowledge and skills in implementing the New York state learning standards.  

Successful implementation requires appropriate support through curriculum resources, professional learning opportunities, access to quality instructional materials, time to reflect upon practice, and organizational structures that support collaboration.  NYSUT has and will continue to advocate for the resources that our students and their educators need.   Student success is ultimately dependent upon the work of engaged and empowered teachers and learners.

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