Kevin Bostic

Local: UFT
Kevin Bostic - COVID 19 Memorial
Kevin Bostic , Supervisor of School Security from UFT
* Supervisor of school security
* Patrol Borough Queens South

Kevin Bostic brought to his work a deep knowledge of how best to increase community engagement and how to reach troubled students, beginning with those in the now-defunct P4 in Queens, an alternative high school where he was assigned as a school safety agent, said Persuasion Branch, the chapter leader for school security supervisors.

In addition to those important skills, “Kevin’s larger-than-life personality and witty jokes kept the people around him doubled over with laughter,” Branch said.

Kevin, 55, died on May 6.

He joined the New York City Police Department in 1992 and was promoted in 2004 to school safety agent level 3. There, Kevin “shared his big personality with even more people when he was assigned to special services and was mobile citywide,” Branch said.

He was promoted in 2017 to supervisor of school security, a UFT-represented position, and became a union member. “He was the first to lend a hand getting out information I needed shared as a chapter leader,” Branch recalled. “That was his biggest contribution to many of his colleagues – always being willing to help out.”

Kevin also was known for his unflagging devotion to the school safety department’s sports teams, which included bowling, basketball and football.
“He enjoyed hanging out with friends from his neighborhood whom he had known since childhood,” Branch said. “If there was a get-together, you could count on Kevin being there – and being the life of the party.”

His passing has left a large void in the chapter and “Kevin will be sorely missed by all who knew him,” she said.

Kevin is survived by four sons and by a sister, Audrey.