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Jen Sharp, Greenwich Teachers Association

"Our school dog, Lola and I are still working on Language Concepts together for our Greenwich Central kids!"

Colleen Jackson, Syracuse Teachers Association

Colleen tells students she’s there to help them get their GEDs

Patricia Block, Levittown United Teachers

"We must carry on as best we can from our homes through our district’s Edmodo site. I will continue to let my students know that I love them very much; they are smart, kind, caring young adults preparing their personal futures; I encourage them every day to stay positive, read daily & to make the best of their time at home instruction. I also encourage them to: meditate at home as we have done in class, watch CNN Student News daily w/the amazing, outstanding, witty & yes funny Carl Azuz!!! I’ll send a future message for my students to send photographs to our school yearbook committee.I’m taking the best care of my dear family, great friends & my Pug Pinky; Pinky & I are now going to do Puglates/yoga lift some weights!!! "

Danielle Romano, Mahopac Teachers Association

"Our district has gone above and beyond to make sure our students were ready for this type of learning. Every student from kindergarten to 12th grade received a chrome book for distance learning. We are calling families, video chatting with families, and emailing just to keep in touch and let them know how much we care."

Heather Walts, Roxbury Teachers Association

"Roxbury Central School and the RTA have been working hard to help our students feel safe and cared for. Many classes are participating in live streaming classes. Staff from all areas of the building are delivering breakfast and lunches on the school bus, our own version of Grub Hub, and picking up or delivering work at that time. Our counselor, psychologist, Dean of students and CSE chair are calling families to check in 3 times a week. Our district is extremely rural and many homes don’t have Internet access running to their homes. RCS has worked closely with Margaretville Telephone to provide service to those families without, and the school is paying for the service as long as we are out. Deliveries of regular groceries are happening to families as well. I have never been prouder to be a part of the RCS community!!"

Claudia Gonzalez Buttler, Association of Teachers of Huntington

"We’ve given all our students Chrome Books to use at home. My colleagues and I have been working tirelessly to bring our students learning opportunities. I have been transmitting both in English and Spanish and making sure parents of my ELL students have a way of keeping in touch with me."

Amy Grosofsky, Kenmore Teachers Association

"I had a daily Morning Meeting each day at school. The kids would check in as we passed the talking piece around the circle. It was a routine part of our day that, I believe and research supports, was extremely valuable for so many reasons. When we closed down, I put myself in their shoes and the parents’ shoes. This wasn't just a spring break or long weekend. So, I thought it was going to be super important to give the kids, and the parents, a sort of normalcy if you will. So, I got everyone connected on Seesaw as best as I could, not being a very technologically savvy person in the first place, using online training and coaching from my tech coach in our district. Each day, I post a video of myself, my husband usually makes an appearance and my dog, to the kids running a morning meeting. I have received so much feedback from parents and kids how they appreciate seeing me and look forward to the video. It helps parents start 'school' too."

Deanne Dow, Utica Teachers Association

"Our teachers continue the important role of teamwork. We are reaching out to each other to make the Google Classroom work best for our students. Our biggest challenge is the attendance rate for online classrooms. I have 1 out of 15 students that is online. Our students need computers at home and internet access. I read what my colleagues write to their students and seeing the kindness, support and love for all of our students is a beautiful thing! God Bless everyone through this very scary and trying nightmare! Teachers truly make a difference! Our district is still making sure that students are getting breakfast and lunch! Today, I am working on 'Audio' versions for my special education and E.L.L students who are learning to read. Please share if anyone is donating computers and printers. I am sure many students as well as teachers can use them."