Freddy Concepcion

Local: UFT
Freddy Concepcion - COVID19 - Memorial
Freddy Concepcion, Supervisor of School Security from UFT
* Retired supervisor of school security
* Patrol Borough Bronx West

“To know Fred was to love Fred,” said Sabrina Crockett, Freddy Concepcion’s colleague for more than 30 years. “He was who he was. He spoke his mind. If he could help you, he would help you. If he couldn’t, he would direct you to where you could get help. Anybody and everybody, he always tried to help.”

Freddy, age 58, died on May 6.

Calling him her “work brother,” Crockett credits Fred with mentoring her when she started working at Bronx West. “Freddy was an honest person. He was straightforward, right to the point,” Crockett said. His former chapter leader, Calvin Lloyd, now retired, remembers this trait as well. “Freddy always spoke his mind,” Lloyd recalled, saying it was never necessary to guess Freddy’s feelings on any matter.

Freddy joined the department in 1983 and was promoted to supervisor of school security in 1990. He was assigned to various precincts, schools and commands during his career. In 1999, he was assigned to Bronx West, where he remained until his retirement in March 2019.

Three years ago, he married his wife, Troyce. He “was really family oriented,” Crockett said. Freddy also had a cat and a dog he loved. Crockett said he was “an awesome cook,” and one of his specialties was BBQ ribs.

Freddy ConceptionPrior to his work as a supervisor of school security, Freddy served in the U.S. Air Force for a number of years, Crockett said.

He knew what was important and had a way of going above and beyond for colleagues. Crockett recalls when her mother was sick, Freddy sought permission to drive her to the hospital in Manhattan from their command in the Bronx, getting her there in 20 minutes, a trip that would have taken her much longer otherwise. “I am eternally grateful for that,” she said.

In addition to his wife Troyce, Freddy is survived by his mother, Maria; his sisters, Yvonne and Yolanda; his brother, Pete; his stepdaughter, LeShawna; his nieces, Yasmine, Lily and Diona; three great-nieces; and his step-grandchildren, Jason, Chase, Amari and Calia.