Tammy Hendriks

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Tammy Hendriks - COVID19 Memorial
Tammy Hendriks, Teacher from UFT
* Teacher
* IS 238 Susan B. Anthony MS, Queens

It wasn’t unusual to find Tammy Hendriks leading the way for colleagues and students; her “passion for teaching” was evident each day, said her daughter.

“Tammy took the lead for 6th-grade math,” said Chapter Leader Elizabeth Leder. “She would say, ‘OK, I’ll make the test for everyone.’ Teachers looked up to her and kids loved her. She went above and beyond and had great rapport with the kids.”

Tammy, 50, died on April 17.

“She was the type of coworker who would help anyone out even if it meant more work for her,” said her daughter, Ashley Hendriks. “She was a mentor to many and had the kind of personality where you felt like you could talk to her about anything and not be judged. She had a unique way of connecting with her students and people in general. Her laughter was infectious, her humor and wit were out of this world and her lightheartedness in every situation always made you feel like everything is going to be all right.”

A UFT member for 12 years, Tammy was committed to academic advancement. She attended Molloy College and C.W. Post College, both on Long Island, and the College of Saint Rose in Albany. She earned two master’s degrees. Ashley Hendriks said her mother was proud of that achievement, especially because she wanted her children to witness the results hard work could produce.

Ashley Hendriks paid tribute to her mother’s artistic talent. “She was very artsy and creative,” her daughter said. “She loved to draw and paint.”

Leder said Tammy’s colleagues recently organized a “drive-by” tribute in front of the Hendriks home. “We had about 50 cars,” Leder said. “The family was outside and they were very moved.”

In addition to her daughter, Tammy is survived by her husband of 30 years, John; her son, Justin; her parents, Joseph and Glenda Khan; her sister, Jacqueline Ramos; and her niece and nephew, Jayda and Jordan Ramos.

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