Linda Pope

Local: UFT
Linda Pope - COVID-19 Memorial
Linda Pope, Paraprofessional from UFT
"Unions matter in more ways than people know and I’m glad she was part of one and loved the UFT people"

CS 154, Harlem

Linda Pope was a beloved paraprofessional who worked for 29 years at CS 154 in Harlem. A nurturing mother figure to her students, Linda was loved by all in the school community. She had an associate’s degree in early childhood education and touched many lives through her work.

Known for her joie de vivre, Linda enjoyed giving students at her school treats of mints or candy that she hid in her pocketbook. She enjoyed popping her Doublemint gum with verve. And she embraced her love of fashion by each day wearing different matching outfits, including coordinated handbags and shoes.

Linda was an avid animal lover and also found joy in people-watching on her bus rides.