Claudia Shirley

Local: UFT
Claudia Shirley - COVID-19 Memorial
Claudia Shirley, Teacher from UFT
* Teacher
* PS 377, Brooklyn

“Momma Shirl,” as Claudia Shirley was known in her school community, was a consummate educator who believed in her students and was always willing to give of herself to help her colleagues, her students and their parents.

Claudia was warm and welcoming, which led children and adults to share their concerns and conflicts with her. She was patient and calm, lowering the stress level as she gathered all the information to help them sort out their problems.

Claudia began her career as a paraprofessional and then became a bilingual teacher, a Spanish teacher and an English as a second language teacher. She worked for many years at PS 45 in Brooklyn, then continued to teach part time at PS 377, also in Brooklyn, after retiring.

The value of a good education was a guiding principle in her life and one she imparted to all around her. Claudia inspired her students to achieve their potential and her colleagues to hone their craft. Following her example, both her daughters became educators. Sharron Shirley is a teacher and Jennifer Shirley is a paraprofessional, continuing the family tradition.

“I will always admire her inner strength, her love and fortitude,” said PS 377 Chapter Leader Todd Marks. He considered Claudia a life coach and said her calm demeanor and warmth has made a profound and lasting effect on the school community she served.

Claudia is survived by her daughters Sharron and Jennifer, sister Relmina Dudley, son-in-law Douglas Thomas and grandsons Justin and Jaden Thomas.

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Sharron & Jennifer Shirley
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