Robert Thoering

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Robert Thoering - COVID19 Memorial
Robert Thoering, Teacher from UFT
* Teacher
* IS 125 in Sunnyside, Queens

Barry Stockman and Robert Thoering didn’t have children, but Stockman said his partner always said he had thousands of children.

“The school was his passion, his love,” said Stockman. “He never gave up on any kid.”

Thoering, age 56, taught 6th grade English Language Arts, but his classroom and lessons were open to all of his colleagues, said IS 125 Chapter Leader Tracey Miller,.

“He brightened everyone’s day with a smile and friendly advice,” Miller said. “He was a true lover of learning. He was our grammar guru and would share with colleagues how to integrate those lessons across the curriculum.”

Miller recalled how he helped her make the transition from teaching high school to teaching middle school. “He calmed me down,” she said. “He was such a wonderful human being.”

Thoering studied history and theology at St. John’s University and received a master’s degree from St. John’s in 1991 and Fordham University in 2003.

He was an educator for 34 years. Prior to arriving at IS 125 in Sunnyside in 2004, he taught at Our Lady of Hope in Middle Village and was principal of Our Lady of Refuge in Flatbush, Brooklyn.

Stockman said Thoering loved growing organic roses and vegetables and was a big supporter of animal charities.

Stockman recalled the couple’s travels. “We loved going to Saratoga Springs and visiting my mother in Florida,” he said.

They also enjoyed cooking together. “We would recreate family favorites, such as beef barley soup and split pea soup,” Stockman said. “He would always say the spoon had to stand up and not lean to the side.”

In addition to his partner, Thoering is survived by his brother John, in Connecticut.

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