Anton Updale

Local: UFT
Anton Updale - COVID-19 Memorial
Anton Updale, Teacher from UFT
* Teacher
* IS 34, Staten Island

Anton Updale was a strong believer in giving back to his community and lived that belief every day of his life. For more than 25 years, he was a physical education teacher at IS 34 on Staten Island, where he taught countless students and made a positive difference in their lives. He himself was a graduate of the school.

As a teacher, colleague, coach, role model, mentor and friend, Anton had a lasting influence on others.

Anton was known for his love of physical education and how it contributes to a healthy life. He brought joy to the school by overseeing a favorite student tradition, the school’s annual Field Days for all grades. He also coached football in his home community.

As a dean for six years, Anton played an outsized role in the broader life of the school community at Totten Intermediate School, too. He was appreciated for his hard work, dedication and love for the school

He is survived by his wife Jen and his three children, Anton, Christian and Delilah.