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NYSUT STRONG: Inspiration in a Time of Crisis

Thank you to the many hardworking NYSUT members who are rising to meet the challenge of the coronavirus pandemic - and thank you for sharing your stories.

We are union. We are strong. #NYSUTStrong!

  • Featured Stories

    Across New York State, NYSUT members are rising to meet the challenge of the coronavirus pandemic. These are your stories.
  • A special thank you from the NYS Teacher of the Year

    "But what college or professional-development course could have ever prepared us for what we are dealing with right now?" asks NYS Teacher of the Year Rachel Murat. "And yet, we are rising to the challenge and beyond."
  • SPOTLIGHT: SRP members deliver in Alden

    In the wake of the Alden Central School District’s emergency closing last week, district officials needed to connect their nearly 1,700 students with the school supplies they needed for at-home study. They devised a unique solution.
  • Thank Our #HealthCareHeroes

    They have been on the front lines since the start of this crisis, selflessly, courageously, risking their own health to care for our children, our loved ones, for us. The least we can do is thank them. Here's how.
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    Thank you for sharing your stories on Twitter! Check out the latest offerings or visit our Twitter page to see the full archive. Keep those tweets coming - and don't forget to tag @nysut!
  • In Memoriam

    We mourn and celebrate those NYSUT members lost as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.
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    Use our online form to tell us how you and your union are supporting students and the community in this time of crisis.
screen cast happy birthday

BOCES counselors stay close while socially distancing

When a student’s 16th birthday fell during the coronavirus shutdown, Laurie Hall wanted to do something to make it special. Using Google Meet to invite staff and a few friends, she threw a virtual birthday bash complete with signs and a mini slide show.
robert gore

NYSUT health care workers are on the front lines of a pandemic

As the coronavirus attacks more and more people, health care is an ever-changing landscape. Doctors, nurses, first responders, virus test administrators, and health care staff are all working the front lines, often without enough personal protective equipment.
remote learning

For these NYSUT members, remote learning is all in the family

“My daughter is teaching 140 students online and providing daycare for the grandkids, and I’m going out of my mind trying to teach six different classes fully online,” said UUP member Doug Cody. “But that’s nothing compared to what others, the health care providers and first responders on the front line, are going through. It's probably the craziest time in our lives.”

School choirs combine for virtual ‘Hallelujah’

Two teachers are making beautiful music, digitally bringing together their high school students to create a virtual choir. The result is a powerful rendition of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” in a video that has drawn more than 60,000 online views and rave reviews.
nysut chat

Join our #NYSUTchat on Twitter

In these scary times, it’s important for us all to support and lean on each other. In that spirit, NYSUT Executive Vice President Jolene DiBrango will be hosting a second one-hour #NYSUTchat at 7 p.m. Sunday on Twitter.
david ecker

Technology educators across the state helping to close PPE gaps

In direct response to the shortage of personal protective equipment for medical professionals, crews at different SUNY campuses and K–12 schools are creating hospital-approved face shields using 3D printers and assembled pieces.
disaster relief for health care workers

NYSUT urges donations to union’s Disaster Relief Fund to support overwhelmed health care workers

NYSUT is making an urgent appeal to its members to donate to the union’s Disaster Relief Fund — the proceeds from which will go toward the purchase of personal protective equipment, food and other critical items for health care workers throughout the Empire State.

Union interest on the rise

Over the past few weeks, NYSUT organizers have received scores of new inquiries from workers interested in forming a union.
food pantry

WNY member launches community food pantry

Within four days of the COVID-19 related closures, college professor Jill O’Malley pulled together her network to launch a much-needed food pantry in her Western New York community.
nysut strong

Members show what ‘NYSUT Strong’ means

To showcase our members’ tremendous dedication to our communities and kids, we’ve launched a new website called NYSUT Strong. It’s filled with videos, photos, articles and social media posts that exemplify the spirit and strength of NYSUT members.
health care heroes

NYSUT launches campaign to send thanks to our ‘Health Care Heroes’

The union is asking its members to send a note of thanks to our health care workers, using social media platforms and the hashtag #HealthCareHeroes.
food bank volunteers

Weekend backpack program still providing much-needed food

Thanks to regional food banks and the volunteer efforts of educators, the weekend backpack program that feeds students is still thriving.
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