Peer Observation in Educator Evaluation

peer observation

WHAT'S NEW: Video of the Nov. 17 webinar is available now online. The Power Point presentation is also available for download. LEARN MORE.

Classroom observations, if done right, should serve as a rich source of information to assess a teacher’s performance and evidence to provide feedback for teacher reflection, development and growth. Recent changes in New York state teacher evaluation requirements allow for the optional use of peer observers. To realize the benefits of peer observation, your local union will need to ensure that it is appropriate for your school district and is thoughtfully planned and implemented. This website is designed to assist members in understanding the many ways teacher talent and expertise can be used to strengthen educator evaluation and serve as a tool to improve teaching practice.

  • Peer Roles

    An overview of peer roles in formative and summative evaluation and a summary of benefits, expertise, training and key considerations.
  • Videos

    Educators from Plattsburgh, Albany and North Syracuse discuss their first-hand experiences with peer observation; the Teaching Channel looks at improving teaching practice through observations and coaching. More videos to come!

  • Could peer review work in your district?

    NYSUT United sits in on a discussion with educators from Plattsburgh, Albany and North Syracuse districts who have piloted peer review programs, plus Harvard University's Susan Moore Johnson, a nationally known expert.
  • Webinar: Nov. 17

    This webinar hosted by NYSUT Research and Education Services will support locals in understanding a teacher evaluation system which incorporates peer observation. NYSUT local presidents may register online to participate.
  • Peer Assistance and Review (PAR)

    NYSUT's Innovation teams used the PAR framework outlined in the TED Handbook to guide the design and operational decisions for local PAR programs.

  • Fact Sheet: APPR

    The following is an overview of the 3012-d law and SED’s regulations that were adopted by the Board of Regents through emergency action on June 15, 2015. NYSUT’s Next Steps appear at the end of the Fact Sheet.

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