Discussion Questions

Following are discussion questions on peer observation for you to consider with your local union and labor/management team.

Moving Forward - Taking Stock of Capacity

What does your local need most to move forward?

  • Better tools and instruments
  • More knowledge and expertise (for whom? about what?)
  • Increased commitment and trust (between/ among whom?)
  • Redefined roles for principals and peer observers
  • Assistance in bargaining a new evaluation system
  • Assistance in selecting or training evaluators

District Reflections

Discuss your district's current evaluation process.

  • Is it geared primarily to assessment, development, or a balance between the two?
  • Does your evaluation instrument provide multiple ratings and rubrics that can help the teacher improve? Are all observations followed with feedback? If so, is it in person, in writing/online, or both?
  • Who currently observes and assesses teachers? Do any teachers observe and assess their peers?
  • Are current evaluators trained to conduct standards-based observations?
  • How would you characterize the labor-management relationship in your district? Collaborative? Neutral? Adversarial?
  • Are there notable labor-management accomplishments that can serve as the basis for developing a peer observer program?
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