For Your Profession

union valueGiving you a voice

When policy and legislation that affects your profession are being set in Albany and Washington, D.C., NYSUT ensures legislators and policymakers hear the members' voices. The union's advocacy, by both its expert legislative staff and 600,000 statewide members, has produced a long track record of success in protecting the K-12, higher education, health care and human service professions.

Improving our workplaces

Whether the issue is indoor air quality, unsafe labor practices or exposure to hazardous chemicals and other toxins, NYSUT has a long and successful history of improving workplaces and enhancing safety for its members.

Doing good in our communities

An important cornerstone of union work is ensuring social justice for all. As part of its mission, NYSUT and its members are committed to fighting oppression, working to expand affordable health care, helping the poor and raising millions for charitable causes and disaster relief.

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