NYSUT Mosaics of Sisterhood Grant

The NYSUT Mosaics of Sisterhood Grant was established in 2019 by the NYSUT Women’s Committee through a generous donation from retired Vice President, Catalina Fortino, to help our committee members who need resources for a specific short-term project, committee start up or professional learning opportunity to move the women’s agenda forward. The NYSUT Women’s Committee also put a limited amount of funds aside from its overall budget for this purpose. Total funds are limited. There is a cap of up to $500 per request per year (fiscal year is September 1 – August 30).

A subcommittee comprising active NYSUT Women’s Committee members from around the state will review submissions for the grant on a yearly basis. Women applying must be in-service or retired NYSUT members, and should be able to demonstrate:

  • A personal commitment to the opportunity, learning or project
  • An ability to contribute a reasonable amount of her own, her local or her region’s resources

    Consideration will be given for grant applications involving projects, products or events that:

  • incorporate women from diverse backgrounds (social, cultural, racial, ethnic and women of all abilities)
  • incorporate building relationships and creating connections between intergenerational women
  • create mentorship opportunities for union women
  • create a tangible product or learning tool that has a lasting sustainable impact on multiple women

The committee will be reimbursed with approved funds upon completion of the activity or project after all receipts and or invoices are received. The committee will keep a legacy chart of recipients, the amount received and the purpose. Individuals or groups who have received funds in the past are eligible to apply the following year, but preference may be given to new applicants.

Please complete and forward all applications to NYSUT Executive Vice President, Jolene DiBrango, attention Davida Twitty. Please be as specific and detailed as possible. *


  • to provide a safe and open environment to educate our members on the work of the union
  • to identify and explore issues of income, health and education inequality affecting women generally
  • to develop capacity to educate our broader membership about those issues and others impacting women
  • to identify emerging leaders and strong mentors and encourage and support diverse union leader candidates