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Is your NYSUT Women's Committee ready to hit the ground running?  Here are some tools to help you tackle important tasks, provide inspiration and communicate with committee members.

Self Care

As stress continues to be a problem for many of us, we would like to share ways to help take care of yourself. One creative way to foster self-care is to establish a Zen Den - a mediation space at home or work. A Zen Den provides you with an opportunity to decompress, destress and recharge within a safe, quiet space created by you or your colleagues. While it may not be feasible to establish a Zen Den at work or home, we hope you can identify some of the items linked below as tools you can use to aid in your relaxation.

Breathwork Workshop

This special breathwork workshop will help you build resilience to stress, boost immune functions, lower inflammation, improve respiratory and cardiac health and boost all-around performance. With Dr. Tae Hyun Kim and Tom Jasinski. TIP: Pick a nice, quiet spot where you can be undisturbed for an hour, and have a yoga mat or blanket to lay on.

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