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Standing Women's Committee Resources

2021 NYSUT Women’s Committee Art Moment

Led by Dana Fournier, senior graphic designer, NYSUT Communications

NYSUT Women Empower

Meeting participants formed seven small groups to collage a single letter of the word “EMPOWERusing newspaper and magazine clippings. This finished piece of art is a powerful expression of all the ways we empower each other as NYSUT Women.

Empowerment Resources

Is your NYSUT Women's Committee ready to hit the ground running?  Here are some tools to help you tackle important tasks, provide inspiration and communicate with committee members.

Self Care

Breathwork Workshop

This special breathwork workshop will help you build resilience to stress, boost immune functions, lower inflammation, improve respiratory and cardiac health and boost all-around performance. With Dr. Tae Hyun Kim and Tom Jasinski. TIP: Pick a nice, quiet spot where you can be undisturbed for an hour, and have a yoga mat or blanket to lay on.

'Speak Up, Stand Up' Conference Materials

Domestic Violence Resources