Women's History

  • Kate Mullany House

    Located in Troy, the namesake of labor pioneer Kate Mullany is the home of the American Labor Studies Center.


  • 2020 Women's Vote Centennial

    It's almost time to commemorate the centennial of women winning the vote! Information and planning materials for 2020 are now available.
  • Unsung Heroines of Women's Suffrage

    Beyond the most recognizable names in the fight for women's suffrage, here are some of the other women who influenced this battle for basic women's rights.
  • Women's Resources

    Tools and guides to help you tackle important tasks, provide inspiration and communicate with committee members.
  • Remember the Triangle Fire Coalition

    The "Remember the Triangle Fire Coalition” connects individuals and organizations with the 1911 Triangle Factory Fire — one of the pivotal events in US history and a turning point in labor’s struggle to achieve fair wages, dignity at work and safe working conditions.