Retiree Membership Handbook

NYSUT Retiree Membership Handbook

Message from President Andrew Pallotta

president andrew pallottaCongratulations on your retirement and on entering a new and exciting phase of your life. On behalf of the NYSUT officers and Board of Directors, thank you for your energy, hard work and dedication to your job, your profession and our union. Your support of NYSUT throughout your career has made NYSUT what it is today: the strongest and largest statewide union of professional employees in the country.

Although you have retired from your job, you have most certainly not retired from your dedication to your community and to the very best in education and health care in New York. Your commitment to your profession doesn’t have to end in retirement. Our retirees — more than 200,000 and growing — are an important force in our fight for our members and the New Yorkers they serve. Writing letters, making calls for NYSUT phone banks, taking part in political action including lobbying your local legislators, contributing to VOTE/COPE, and participating in your local retiree council are all ways in which you can continue to be active in our great union.

NYSUT offers retiree members many services and benefits including prepaid retiree membership; access to publications, programs and consultants to help meet your personal and financial planning needs; logistical support for those interested in local political action; and networking opportunities with your fellow retirees. This retiree handbook outlines everything you need to know about being a NYSUT retiree and how to stay connected with the union and your fellow retirees.

We are committed to making NYSUT a 21st century union, one that hears the concerns of our members and is responsive to their needs. With your help, we can answer that call and build a better New York for our children and our grandchildren. Thank you for your many years of service to NYSUT and for your dedication to your community.

In solidarity,

Andrew Pallotta
NYSUT President

Message from Second Vice President Paul Pecorale

pecoraleCongratulations! On behalf of the officers, I welcome you to the ranks of NYSUT retirees and extend my best wishes for a joyful, fulfilling retirement. May your retirement offer you good health, relaxation, fun and a chance to do some of the special things you had to put on hold during your salaried years. We have enjoyed serving you and hope you give us the opportunity to continue assisting you by keeping your NYSUT membership status active.

As a NYSUT retiree, upon retirement your membership in NYSUT and AFT continues. However, your NEA membership continues after a one-time payment of $250 for the Lifetime NEA Retired Membership, or you may take advantage of other payment options available through the NEA. If your NYSUT local provides for retiree membership, you must remain a member of your NYSUT local to maintain your membership in NYSUT, American Federation of Teachers and National Education Association. Your NYSUT local may require retiree dues; payment of those dues is a requirement for local, NYSUT, AFT and NEA retiree membership.

Retirees from locals that do not have a provision for retiree membership are automatically retired members of NYSUT and AFT directly through their retiree council. In addition, you may join NEA at the Lifetime Membership Rate of $250. If you participate in any of the NEA Member Benefits programs, you must maintain your membership to continue taking advantage of the programs.

I encourage you to explore the many opportunities available to you as a NYSUT retiree. I encourage you to stay active, informed and to participate in your union on many levels. We know our retired members are very active and participate in retiree chapter and retiree council social, political action and informational activities and in NYSUT Member Benefits. More than 200,000 NYSUT retirees continue to stay informed about issues of concern to public education and retirement. You can stay connected through NYSUT publications, such as NYSUT Member Briefing and the Retiree Organizer. You can also stay connected through your retiree chapter and council newsletters or the dedicated page for retirees on NYSUT’s website — NYSUT looks forward to continuing to serve you in the future.

In unity,

Paul Pecorale
NYSUT Vice President

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