About NYSUT School-Related Professionals

The Role of Today's School-Related Professional

School-Related Professionals serve the education community in many capacities. The following composite descriptions are drawn from definitions found in Civil Service Law, local contract language and from the practical experience of NYSUT's SRP members.

Teacher Aide/Monitor (Civil Service Law)

The teacher aide is a non-instructional school employee. Teacher aides (sometimes referred to as paraprofessionals) provide non-teaching services such as assisting students with behavior or physical needs, grading papers and proctoring exams under the supervision of the building principal.

Teaching Assistant (State Education Law)

The teaching assistant provides direct instructional support to students under the general supervision of a certified teacher.  The teaching assistant works as a member of a team in the classroom where the teacher has ultimate responsibility for developing and planning the education program.  Teaching assistants (also referred to as paraprofessionals) work with individual or groups of students.
School Nurse (Civil Service Law)

Registered professional school nurses provide care to the students and staff and act as a community resource.  They maintain records documenting the children's health.  They assess for medical, emotional, social and family problems; screen for vision, hearing and scoliosis, medicate as ordered; coordinate services in emergencies; address the needs of the medically fragile child; assess students for substance ingestion; arrange school physical exams and prepare referrals and reports to other agencies.

Secretary/Clerk (Civil Service Law)

The secretary/clerk provides direct or indirect services to students, school personnel and parents. Secretary and clerk duties vary depending upon their civil service job classification.

Custodian/Cleaner (Civil Service Law)

The school custodian/cleaner maintains the facility. He or she takes care of and oversees the maintenance and cleanliness of the building and grounds and frequently deals directly with the staff and students. The custodian's and cleaner's duties vary depending upon civil service job classification.

Bus Driver/Bus Monitor (Civil Service Law)

Bus driver/bus monitors are in charge of the safety and well-being of the children, as well as the vehicle itself as they transport students to and from school. Their duties vary depending upon their civil service job classification.

Food Service (Civil Service Law)

Food service personnel work directly and indirectly with the staff and students. They maintain the kitchen and food supplies and inventory and order supplies and food that they also prepare, serve and sell. The food service supervisor and helper duties vary depending upon their civil service job classification.

Security (Civil Service Law)

Security personnel help provide a safe environment for students and staff at our schools. They work in and outside the buildings during the school day, after school and at evening functions, as directed.