The NYSUT LGBTQ Member Resource Center

 NYSUT Vice President Philippe Abraham

Educating peers and advocating for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning/Queer colleagues.

LGBTQ RA 2019 Reception


  • LGBTQ task force makes RA debut

    Colorful “We Are One” T-shirts were selling fast at a booth at the RA's Member Benefits and Services on Display.

  • Resources

    An exhaustive list of resources, including training opportunities and regional support groups.

  • Have you taken the survey?

    NYSUT is conducting a survey of member educators who self-identify as members of the LGBTQ community. Results are for internal NYSUT use; the survey may be completed anonymously.

  • Sample contract language

    Real world examples of language for a non-discrimination clause for your local union to consider.
  • Welcoming openly gay teachers

    It's time to welcome openly gay teachers in our schools, says 2008 NYS Teacher of the Year and LGBTQ Task Force member Rich Ognibene.

  • Raising awareness

    NYSUT United profiles the newly formed LGBTQ Member Task Force.

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