Teacher Certification

state education department

NYSUT can help you on your path to teacher certification.

NYSUT has experts to help members navigate the complex world of state certification — whether it's answering a question about requirements for a specific certificate or addressing a certification issue that could threaten your employment. Our fact sheets are written in everyday language to explain state requirements and address the most often-asked questions. There’s also a link for you to contact our experts via an online form.

Learn more online at www.nysut.org/certification.

NYSUT Education and Learning Trust (ELT)

If you’re looking to earn your master’s degree or broaden your certification area, check out NYSUT’s Education & Learning Trust (ELT), which offers both online and site-based courses around the state. ELT offers low-cost, high quality courses for undergraduate, graduate and in-service credit to help participants meet certification requirements; obtain new certificate titles and extensions; and often earn a boost in their annual salaries. In most cases, members taking advantage of the discount on ELT courses save more than the NYSUT portion of their dues.