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Across New York State, NYSUT members are rising to meet the challenge of the coronavirus pandemic.

These are their stories.


School nurses administer group vaccinations to teachers

Three hundred teachers from nine school districts and one BOCES school were vaccinated last Friday at a central site in Saratoga, and it was their own school nurses who administered the shots to protect them from COVID-19.
frontier central

Western NY unions supersize a fundraising campaign for food

In Western New York, the Area Labor Federation is working with a host of NYSUT teacher unions to raise $50,000 by the end of the March for FeedMore WNY, a nonprofit formed by the merger of the Food Bank of WNY and Meals on Wheels of WNY.
amsterdam choir

How choir happens: singing in the pandemic

How are students continuing to learn singing when school is sometimes open, sometimes not? There is no playbook for teaching in a pandemic. But here's how one teacher in Amsterdam is making the most of it.
Salmon River

‘Back-to-School’ order escalates simmering labor strife in Salmon River

On a frigid and rainy December evening, in the midst of a global pandemic with COVID-19 cases climbing, more than 100 teachers, retirees, community members, and parents — carrying signs, clad in masks, and socially distanced — marched outside an emergency meeting of the Salmon River Board of Education.
food drive

Union food drive helping to fill in the gaps

NYSUT worked with the Regional Food Bank and Catholic Charities to stage the main food drive-thru event, which was boosted by more than 100 volunteers from labor, churches and NYSUT staff. AFL-CIO, Public Employees Federation, the Coalition of Labor Union Women, Professional Staff Association, Legal Staff Association, and CWA were among the unions represented.

As COVID-19 cases ramp up, nurses urge vigilance

The demands on hospital and school nurses continue to rise as COVID-19 cases surge again, closing many schools this week and bringing more sick patients to hospital beds.
srp recognition day

VIDEO: Thank You, School-Related Professionals!

The way School-Related Professionals have stepped up during these difficult and uncertain times to meet the needs of students, families, schools and communities has left us in awe.
sara flint

SRPs go above and beyond in face of pandemic

These days, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, life has changed dramatically in Brushton and School-Related Professionals such as Flint have stepped up to the front lines to meet the needs of students, the district and the community during these uncertain times.
food pantry

Labor-led drive-thru feeds hundreds of Saratoga County families

To address poverty directly, NYSUT joined with other labor unions and civic organizations to provide a regional food bank drive-thru. “This is labor’s support of people in need during the pandemic,” said NYSUT President Andy Pallotta.
teacher of the year jennifer wolfe

NYSUT applauds Oceanside’s Jennifer Wolfe as New York State’s 2021 Teacher of the Year

Jennifer Wolfe, a Social Studies teacher entering her 24th year at Oceanside High School on Long Island and a member of the Oceanside Federation of Teachers, received the state Department of Education honor for her work with students in the classroom and empowering fellow educators to take on leadership roles.
back to school

NYSUT launches statewide back-to-school ad campaign

A new statewide advertising campaign launched by NYSUT to welcome educators, staff and students back to school sends a clear message: Whether learning is in-person, hybrid or remote, NYSUT members are working to make sure that students have a safe, healthy place to learn, reliable meals and access to the tools they need for remote learning.
break glass in case of emergency

Lawmakers Must Act to Stop Education Cuts!

State cuts to education and higher education are happening and will continue unless we take action now!
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