Anna Cortes

Local: UFT
Anna Cortes - COVID19 Memorial
Anna Cortes, Paraprofessional from UFT
* Retired paraprofessional

Anna Cortes, 93, a dedicated and caring paraprofessional for 35 years, died of the coronavirus on Feb. 11, 2021.

Colleague Elizabeth Mamrosh remembers their 10 years of working together at Hillcrest HS in Queens, starting in 1988 when Mamrosh joined the staff. “Everything was done by hand, including our work in the transportation office distributing student train and bus passes and lunch books to homeroom teachers,” she said.

“No matter how tedious or difficult the job, Anna was always smiling and never complained,” Mamrosh said. “She was a dedicated worker and I’m fortunate to have known such a wonderful person.” The two quickly went from coworkers to good friends, Mamrosh said.

Anna was 40 when she enrolled at LaGuardia Community College in preparation for her years as a paraprofessional. She retired in 2002.

Granddaughter Anissa Arroyo remembers a grandmother who was always very well put together, well-dressed and wearing high-heeled shoes and makeup.

“She was resilient,” Arroyo said, “staying strong as head of the family despite losing her husband, two children and all her siblings. And she was proud of her accomplishments.”

Besides Anissa, Anna is survived by three grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.