Rulx Dagus

Local: UFT
Rulx Dagus - COVID19 Memorial
Rulx Dagus, Paraprofessional from UFT
Rulx Dagus loved children. He didn’t have any of his own so he channeled that love into his work. “He was a nurturing paraprofessional for our special needs students,” said Mark Maliaros, the chapter leader at P369@P67 in Brooklyn, who also worked with Rulx for nine years at P67 and considered him a friend. “He was kindhearted and attentive and he loved our students. He was a wonderful man.”

Rulx, age 65, was the youngest child and the only boy in a large family in Haiti. “His sisters spoiled him,” said Maryse Cevieux, his wife of 38 years. Rulx came to the United States many years ago to join several sisters who had immigrated earlier.

Rulx drove a yellow cab in Manhattan before becoming a paraprofessional, a career path he chose because he loved kids, said his wife. A UFT member for 15 years, he had the perfect temperament to support the K-12 students at his school, where the mission is to empower and enable students with diverse needs to optimize their full potential.

“He liked to teach and he liked to help,” said his wife. “Whenever any kids in our building were doing their homework, they called him and he would help. That was his nature.”

Maliaros said Rulx brought a smile and his happy-go-lucky attitude to work every day, and he never complained.

When he wasn’t at work, said his wife, Rulx was always talking about his students. “When he didn’t go to school, he missed the kids so much and he missed all the people who worked there.”

Rulx enjoyed playing cards and listening to music, particularly calypso and Haitian music. He had played soccer in his homeland and he played soccer with groups of friends here. He also enjoyed watching the sport on TV, especially when a Haitian team was playing.

“He was a fun person, a great person,” his wife said. “He was always making a joke to make you smile.”

In addition to his wife, Rulx is survived by his sister Estine St. Rose. Another sister died on April 5, two days after her brother.