Claudia Rodriguez

Local: Irvington Faculty Association
A deep and empty hole has been created by the loss of Claudia Rodriguez, long time guidance counselor at Irvington High School. The school had no time to inure itself to her retirement in early March when she passed suddenly from complications of Covid 19 on April 3rd. She was 56 years old.

Claudia harkens back to the halcyon days when guidance counselors focused on the spiritual well being of their students as opposed to their college placement. Her empathy and listening skills made her office the place to be. As a testament to her kind and generous spirit, her office was not only perpetually filled with students, but faculty members as well. Suffice it to say that both her students and the faculty are devastated.

Claudia was both the heartbeat of student life and the faculty social scene. If there was an event that facilitated social gathering and commemorating milestones, Claudia was behind it. Prom, graduation, student council, color wars, you name it, Claudia was there to support the students and her colleagues. Most of the community will remember, particularly her faculty friends, how committed and dedicated she was to the district’s most popular yearly event: The Otto Awards.

During her free time, Claudia loved relaxing with her family, especially her cherished sons, Matthew and Joey, and her dogs.

Submitted by: Amy Falk