Caleb Saint Surin

Local: UFT
Caleb Saint Surin - COVID19 Memorial
Caleb Saint Surin, Caleb Saint Surin from UFT
* Paraprofessional
* PS 181, Brooklyn

For 21 years, Caleb Saint Surin served the students at PS 181 in Brooklyn with enthusiasm, sharing with them his love for and expertise in mathematics.

Caleb, 51, died on April 27.

“Caleb devoted his career to the students he served and was always willing to help others,” Chapter Leader Michael George said.

Yvonne Webb, the adaptive physical education teacher at the school, was the last co-worker to speak to Caleb.

“I am still in disbelief” about Caleb’s passing, she said. “There are so many memories.”

Caleb, who studied mathematics at Medgar Evers College and education at Touro College, both in Brooklyn, “had a big heart and loved to help others,” said Webb. He especially loved helping children with math, she said.

Webb added that Caleb had a warm smile, was a great listener and had a true sense of adventure.

Caleb was a boxing aficionado who made sure to watch all the big matches.

He loved his job, family members said, and they greatly appreciate that his work was valued by the union.

Caleb is survived by a son, Neil Saint Surin; his sisters, Myrlande Alcanthe and Martine Dominique; and his brothers, Frantz, Amos, Abdonel and Fernelle Saint Surin.