Program Services

Great strength in great diversity

NYSUT members work together every day to ensure that New York's schools, colleges and health care systems meet the needs of the state's residents. The Program Services Department — which distributes this booklet — gives a voice to the union's many constituencies, providing them with resources and services designed to meet their unique needs.

Programs and services

The department's resources are dedicated to a broad variety of topics and constituencies:

  • School-Related Professionals
  • Retiree Services
  • Health and Safety
  • New Members
  • Health Care Professionals
  • Small and Rural Locals
  • Health Insurance
  • Closing Achievement Gaps

NYSUT Social Services

Also under the umbrella of Program Services is NYSUT Social Services, a valuable benefit available to you. It requires no additional membership or charge and is completely confidential.

Social Services staff can provide you and your family with a safety net to cope with life's challenges. When you call, one of the staff will consult with you regarding your concerns, and provide resource information and referrals in your community. Please contact Social Services at 800-342-9810, ext. 6206, or e-mail

Program Services is home to the NYSUT Labor Relations Specialist – Assigned to Health Insurance. 

This job was created to support NYSUT’s Legislative Department, Office of General Counsel, and Field Services.  This LRS has certificates from the International Federal of Employee Benefits Plans Health and Welfare Plans, Ancillary Benefit Plans, Health Benefit Plan Basics, Health Care Cost Management, Medicare Basics, New Trustees Institute Levels I and II, and Prescription Drug Cost Management, and has been asked to lecture for that organization at nationwide events.  They sit on NYSHP’s Participating Agency Advisory Council.  They work closely with LRS’s that represent self-insured employers, reviewing financial and claims data to ensure that the employer and union are maximizing the health insurance package in a financially stable economic model.  They monitor over 30 health insurance consortiums, issuing over 100 different health insurance plans, to ensure that these same market efficiencies are achieved.

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