Your Dues At Work

NYSUT- Our union dues work for you

Our Union Dues Work For You

  Every dues dollar helps defend Our Voice, Our Values, Our Union
50% Negotiating contracts that provide better pay, good benefits and a secure retirement.
12% Providing legal support to help members defend their rights and enforce their contracts.
8% Providing professional development tools, training conferences and assistance with certifications for members and local leaders.
8% Amplifying our voice and advocating for our professions in the media and online.
7% Fighting to ensure our voice is heard in the halls of power.
7% Providing regional offices with the resources and technical infrastructure to support our locals.
6% Providing direct assistance to SRPs, small and rural locals, health care professionals and retirees.
2% Partnering with state and national unions to amplify our voice and defend our values.
100% Total

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