About NYSUT Research and Educational Services

For the latest information on new testing requirements, certification issues or economic trends, the best source is NYSUT Research and Educational Services.

The department provides up-to-date critical information affecting all of NYSUT’s members, including teachers, School-Related Professionals, higher education faculty, and health care professionals. The research includes information on salary and contracts, statistics, New York state learning standards, assessments, graduation requirements and accountability systems, special education, quality teaching, professional development, financial support of public education, surveys and research, and higher education. The department regularly designs and analyzes phone and internet surveys of members and the general public. Fact Sheets on emerging educational issues at the state and federal level are posted on the NYSUT Web site.

The department provides support to NYSUT's committees and task forces, including nine subject area committees, the NYSUT Policy Council, BOCES Committee, Teacher Center Task Force, Task  Force on Educational Technology, Committee on English Language Learners and Special Education Committee. These groups assist the Board of Directors in developing NYSUT policy.

The department works closely with NYSUT's Field Services, Program Services and Legislation departments, presenting information and conferences on school finance, terms and conditions of employment, testing and other educational issues. Requests for direct services to locals are made through NYSUT’s labor relations specialists.

The department interacts regularly with the Board of Regents and the State Education Department on education policy issues and provides information to members on the issues being discussed by the Regents that affect NYSUT members. The department also tracks trends in higher education and monitors the State University of New York Board of Trustees.

NYSUT operates a professional polling center, surveying our members, as well as  members of the general public, on a wide variety of education, labor, tax policy and  political issues of the day. We regularly gauge our members' preferences on political and policy issues.

The headquarters-based polling center — formally called Benchmark Polling — supplements the activities of our computerized phone banking capabilities in our 16 regional offices across the state.