Professional Resources

professional resources

K-12 Educators

FACT SHEET: "Continuity of Learning" Guidance for Educators. March 25, 2020.
The key issues to address during the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis start with health and safety concerns and the social emotional needs of students and staff. This Fact Sheet was compiled by our Research and Educational Services team.

FOR PARENTS: Family Resources and Activities. March 26, 2020.
Here are resources and activities - both online and offline - for parents to share with their children, as curated by our Research and Educational Services team.

Additional Resources

Health Care Professionals

Health Care Heroes: Thanking the Heroes on the Front Lines. March 27, 2020.
There's a growing chorus of NYSUT members posting to our online "Wall of Gratitude" to send thanks to our courageous and selfless health care workers.

PPE Donations: Guidance for NYSUT Local Unions to Coordinate Support for Local Health Care Workers. March 25, 2020.
Guidance for local unions interested in supporting community health care workers with donations of personal protective equipment.

AFT: Coronavirus: Information for AFT Nurses and Health Professionals

Centers for Disease Control

The Centers for Disease Control has specific guidance and resources for K-12 schools and childcare programs; higher education; and health care facilities.

AFT Toolkit

This toolkit from our national affiliate AFT offers dedicated information and resources for health care professionals; educators and school support staff; higher education faculty and staff; and public employees.

There's also a planning checklist for individuals and families.

Additionally, there are posters available for download with prevention tips for schools, parents and your community. Visit ShareMyLesson for more.

NEA Toolkit

Our national affiliate NEA offers this toolkit, "Schools and Coronavirus: What You Should Know," with links to additional resources.

health tips

health tips

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