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Prior to 2020 Physical Education, Health and Family and Consumer Sciences shared New York State learning standards. In 2018, New York State Education Department began the process of reviewing and revising the New York Sate Learning Standards for Physical Education. In 2020 New York State adopted new Physical Education Standards. The newly adopted Physical Education learning standards were developed with the help of NYS educators (including 2 NYSUT subject area committee members), school administrators, curriculum specialists, college professors and parents through numerous committee meetings. These standards make up the framework for what students should know and be able to do in order to transition to being lifelong healthy and physically literate adults.

New York State Education Department phases in new learning standards in 3 phases. The following is the Physical Education Standards Implementation Timeline:

  • Phase I: Raise Awareness (Fall 2020 – Fall 2021): Training on the new standards; awareness of the rollout timeline; statewide collaboration with the BOCES, school districts, professional organizations, and higher education
  • Phase II: Build Capacity (Fall 2021 – Fall 2023): Guidance for local programs and curriculum development and additional standards resources and training
  • Phase III: Full Implementation (Fall 2023 – ongoing): Full implementation of new standards

The following are resources recommended by the NYSUT Subject Area Committee for New York State Physical Education Teachers as they prepare for and progress through the Phase in of these new learning standards.

PE Learning Standards 2020

PE Learning Standards at a Glance - GLO's

PE Learning Standards Presentation - "History & Explanation" of the new standards

NYS AHPERD: Professional organization which provides professional development, resources, conferences, advocacy and career opportunities.

SHAPE America:

SHAPE America National PE Standards:

APENS: Adapted Physical Education National Standards can be found at the APENS Website.  This site also has a wealth of info re: CAPE certification (Certified Adapted Physical Educator), advocacy, and publications.

How to become a PE Teacher in NYS:




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