Implicit Bias Workshop: “Sticks & Stones"

Sticks and Stones ─ Understanding Implicit Bias and Stereotypes

Learn how to promote social unity and increase cultural awareness in your school and community by attending this new NYSUT workshop for members and local affiliates. The goal is to bridge cultural divides and make our schools and communities more welcoming and inclusive places for people of all abilities and backgrounds by helping participants see beyond their own personal world view.  

MTOF Objectives:

  • Fulfill the NYS Department of Education training grant requirements for the Many Threads, One Fabric (MTOF) NYSUT-led implicit bias training for public school educators.
  • Activate NYSUT members to be leaders committed to racial justice, diversity and equity work.
  • Establish implicit bias awareness as a year-round continuing education vehicle for diversity, equity, inclusion work in local affiliates.

"Thank you so much, I learned a lot especially about myself and thought process!"

─ East Williston Teachers Association

"Opened our eyes to implicit biases – great speakers!"

─ Half Hollow Hills Teachers Association

“Really great presentations skills and engagement. This was fantastic. I’m incredibly glad I signed up.”

— Horseheads Teachers Association

Workshop Offerings

Sticks and Stones: Understanding Implicit Bias, Microaggressions, and Stereotypes (5 hours PD & CTLE):

The free, four-hour workshop strengthens team unity by teaching participants to look at the world from a unique perspective, one that takes into consideration how someone’s ethnicity, race, ability and socio-economic background can impact how they experience our society.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Define Implicit Bias
  • Define microaggressions and identify key characteristics
  • Define stereotypes and identify key characteristics
  • Identify specific steps and strategies to challenge implicit bias
  • Identify specific steps and strategies to challenge microaggressions and stereotypes

Sticks and Stones 2.0 - Continuing the Conversation (5 hours PD):

This session continues the conversation on the impacts of implicit bias, microaggressions, and stereotypes. Participants will explore more strategies to challenge and confront microaggressions and stereotypes in ways that will allow them to amplify their voice and conviction. In this session, participants will continue to explore more ways to create the space to talk about the impact of problematic language and/or behavior. As educator leaders, we must be ready and able to engage in the necessary conversations to advance racial justice in our schools, communities, and Association.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Engage in intentional self-reflection and mirror work to deepen our understanding of our privilege and positionality, and the intersections of the identities we hold;
  • • Strategize more impactful ways to confront others’ bias, microaggressions, or stereotypes; and
  • • Build and strengthen our ability to engage in challenging conversations in a way that promotes positive social change

These are samples of the positive testimonials you’ll find members have to say about the workshop:

“This workshop was EXCELLENT!!!! So engaging, self-reflective, informative and enjoyable. Thank you!”

—Sachem Central Teachers Association

“Great training with clear explanations and ways to change thinking.”

— Bethlehem Central Teachers Association

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